Life & English: Enjoy Spring

In many countries, the winters are very cold, the trees are bare, the sap is deep in the roots of the trees in the ground and the animals also find shelters for the cold days. By the fireplace, fairy tales were telling when the snow was felling outdoor, the ground was white, the sky was also white... Everything was hidden in winter, waiting for spring to come to life again.

Spring knocks on the doors in March. March 17 is St Patrick's Day, a holiday that originated in Ireland. According to legends, St Patrick was a cheerful boy, dressed in green to signal the arrival of spring and the sprouting of trees. Following in the footsteps of immigrants from Ireland, Patrick has become familiar with American residents from many other countries.Through many years, Patrick has always been a cheerful young boy like the day he first arrived in this country. On this holiday, green is the main color in festivals, creating a fresh and lively atmosphere.

A new spring is coming, the rain is still mixed with a few small snowflakes, but the color of the sun has already turned pink. Everywhere, trees, plants, animals and people are enjoying moments of spring.

- Quy Minh -

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