Life & English: “Travel in Network Society”

We are living in Network Society by internet, email, Facebook, Twitter and other Social media.

Network Society has given us the opportunity to connect to friends, family, colleagues, customers and even complete strangers. Almost young people like to connect and travel because connections and travels always broaden new interesting horizon.

We are living in Network Society

“TRAVEL in NETWORK SOCIETY” is a new ebook on Amazon for young readers. It includes short stories of in simple English style. These stories were experiences of Travels and Network Society. This book help young readers to add some skills on journey to the inetersting horizon.

Here is the link to this book on Amazon:

The new ebook "Travel in Network Society"

If you met difficulty when download this book from Amazon then you can download at the link:

It is free download from 1-Aug-2017 to  30-Sep-2017. This is a gift to young readers from author Nguyen Quy Minh Hien with the best wishes.

In Network Society, let believe that success is waiting you everywhere.

Quy Minh

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