Life & English: “The thought of life”

(ICTPress) - This is a story of the two grains of  rice. They were kept as seeds for next year because both of them were good and strong.

One day, the farmer said that he will sow them in the field nearby his house.

The first grain of rice said to itself: " I do not want my whole body to be rotten in the cold soil. It is best to keep us all nutrients in the crust and find an ideal place to reside". Then it chose a hidden corner of the barn to roll on it.

The second grain of rice took sometimes to decide that he wants to be planted in the field. Next day. It was really happy to start a new life.

As time passed, the first grain of rice was dried up in the corner of the barn because it did not receive water and light. Now its nutrients do not help - it is dying. Meanwhile, the second grain of rice was crushing, grew and become a tall stalk of rice that produced hundreds more grains. For the next years, the farmer continued to plant all the seeds that has originated from the very first grain and year after year, the harvest continued to multiply.

Never shut yourself in a shell, let’s contribute to life and grow. 

Author: Hoang Quoc Minh

Editor: Dao Thuy

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