Life & English: "Nick Vujicic"

Several days before, my friends and I went to the stadium to meet Nick Vujicic. He is a man with no legs, no arms. It was  a pleasure to meet him.

Nick told us about his life. He said when he was ten years old, he wanted to kill himself because he was desperate. At school, his fiends made fun of him and he thought in the future, he can’t find a job and can’t get married. But now, he was just married last year and they are having a baby boy. He never gives up. He has been to  47 countries to deliver a speech. He is a man with extraordinary energy.

I really admire him. It is a great pleasure to meet him in Vietnam. He taught us a lesson about the life.

I love Nick very much. He is a great man.

Author: Duong Minh Khanh

Editor: Dao Thuy

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