Life & English: "Best friend"

(ICTPress) – Congratulate young readers and young writers on Children’s Day 1-6.

Hi. My name is Khanh. I’m twelve years old. Now I am a student at Vietnam-Angieria secondary school. I’m in sixth grade. I have many friends at school. But my best friend is My. She’s twelve years old and in sixth grade too.

We met at school when I was six years old. We are now best friends. We both like listening to music, learning English, and reading books. We like novels, comics, and poems. Sometimes we enjoy playing badminton in my garden. I remember when I was six years old. My friends and I played hide and seek. I ran to find a hiding place, but I tumbled down. My friends saw me fall, but they didn’t pick me up. They laughed at me. But My saw me fall, and she picked me up. We became best friends, and we will stay best friends forever.   


Author: Duong Minh Khanh

Editor: Teacher Daniel McIntyre

Address: Wider World Hanoi,


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