Life & English: The story of Life Savers

Have you ever wondered how new foods get invented? Sometimes people discover a new food by accident. Other times, it was a perfect recipe after lots of experimenting. Here is the story of Pep-O-Mint Life Savers.

In 1911, Clarence Crane opened a chocolate company in Cleveland, Ohio. However, Crane didn't sell much chocolate in the summer. The candy melted too quickly in the heat. So Crane decided to make hard candies instead. Those would not melt.

One day, Crane went to the pharmacist. He noticed the machine the pharmacist used to make flat pills. Crane wondered if he could use the same machine to make peppermints. It worked! Crane decided to put a hole in the center of his mints. He thought the rings looked like life preservers. Those are the large floating rings you see on boats. They are thrown into the water to save people. So Crane called his candy Pep-O-Mint Life Savers.

Today, they are just called Life Savers, and they are still one of the top candies in America.

Collected & edited by QM

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