Message of Vietnam - ASOCIO ICT Summit 2014

(ICTPress) - Vietnam - ASOCIO ICT Summit 2014, with the theme "ICT - The new paradigm in social-Economic Development and Agriculture restructuring" is organized by Asia - Oceania Computing Industry Organization (ASOCIO), hosted by Vietnam Software and IT Services Association (VINASA) in Hanoi, Vietnam from 28 - 31/10/2014.

Press Conference on ASOCIO Summit 2014 in Vietnam

The summit attracted 700 delegates from Vietnam and Asian- Ocianian econamies shared the visions, strategic directions, experiences and solutions to promote ICT development towards building an Asian - Oceania community as a dynamic, creative and civilized community, a motivation for the global economy.

The Summit is honored to welcome H.E. Mr. Vu Duc Dam, Deputy Prime Minister of Vietnam and Mr. Yukio Hatoyama, Former Prime Minister of Japan to attend and deliver speeches.

Summarizing all the speeches and presentations of the speakers as well as 8 panel discussions focusing on three key topics, including: (1) " ICT Role in Agriculture Transformation "; (2) " ICT Empowers Public Services”; (3) " SMAC  - The New Technology for Smart Business”, ASOCIO Chairman Abdulah Kafi would like to convey to the governments and the business community in Asian – Oceanian region the message of the Summit 2014 as follows:

Information Technology has been penetrating deeply and widely into every aspects of life, creating new value added for each economic sector as well as the entire economy, accelerating the creation of the knowledge economy and the information society.

ICT is indispensable in our life, it is the driving force of all driving forces. With the conversion of social network, personal mobility, analytics and cloud computing a new paradigm of development is going to be created, where the personal value will be promoted and maximalised. Based on ICT, agriculture will become a green and smart economy, where each farmer household has the opportunity to become a digital enterprise with its exceptional value and productivity, bringing a higher quality of life.

ICT opens up the human connection unlimited in terms of space and time, creating the new opportunities for every individual, especially for the disadvantage farmers to move up and to share the development success of our society.

The developing countries need the cooperation and technologies from the developed countries, on the other hand the developed countries need the natural and human resources of the developing countries, as well. That’s why all countries and economies should cooperate, all economic sectors should cooperate and all the enterprises should cooperate together for their own sake of development and to build a prosperous Asian – Oceanian region.

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