Life & English: My trees on Christmas and Lunar New Year

Every year, as usual, I decorate my Christmas tree early in December. At first, I hang a big star on the top of the tree then hang sparkling plastic candles, Santa figures and others. 

Special items place on my Christmas tree are four small pictures. Every small picture depicts an icon: peace, happiness, strength or wealth. These are my wishes for the new year. Then I hang colored lights on the tree and plug them in. Wow. Christmas tree sparkles beautifully in my home.

Christmas tree

In Vietnam, Vietnamese people have 2 new years: New Year’s and Lunar New Year. I usually decorate a Christmas tree for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Then before Lunar New Year, I decorate one more tree. It’s always a Peach blossom tree. The red flowers of the Peach blossom tree are nice wishes for a lucky and happy lunar new year.

Peach Blossom

Both trees, the Christmas tree and Peach blossom tree stay together in my home to welcome the New Year.

Anna Nguyen

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