Life & English: “Mannequin Pis - the symbol of Brussels”

In history, Belgium was born from union of two parts: one part from French and one part from Neitherland. NowBrusselsis the capital of Belgiumand the capital of European.

When visited Brussels, almost travelers visited Mannequin Pis. In the city center, Mannequin Pis, the symbol of Brussels, stood at a little corner of old streets. His face was very smart and arch. He was pissing with cuteness like every little boy of the same age. He did not care about visitors who arranged their order to take few photos with him. The new icon of Brussels was Atonium museum. The height of museum was more hundred metres with figure of metal atonium. It was a special modern architecture. A fountain located near museum. The air became easier by its water. Mannequin Pis and Atonium museum, two icons of Brussels, seemed to be presention of their views for past, present and future. 

Author: Happy N.

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