Life & English: “Go Ask December”

Go ask December
Why the terrestrial is veiled with soft white blankets?
Go ask  December
How can I decorate these planets?
Go ask December
Where can I find the misletoe?

Go ask December
When can I hear the carols whistle?
Go ask December
Who Illustrates the bustling cities in green,gold and red?
Go ask December
What do you feel when the year comes to an end?
In my mind I feel December.
A beginning of an end.
We are promised a new year
but we are not guaranteed whether we will be dead.
December calling my name!
Into the dark, pristine , hollow night.
I see a crow that takes flight.
Before I know it is out of my sight.
Fear no more December
Is here to stay.
Mark my words for tomorrow
Will be that day.


Poet:  Acquelline


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