Life and English: “A story in Switzerland”

On the road from Italy toSwitzerland, our tour guide told us a funny story for Switzer. Italian and French, Switzer’s neighbours, smiled and told that Switzers looked like clocks, work and work only, had not any romantic, had not any famous artist, had not any famous writer or litterateur.

It seemed that Switzer did not care about the  ridicule. While Italian and French thought to farm wheat, to make wine, coffee and competed each other… so busy, Switzer thought that value of a good clock could equalize value of some tons of wheat. Therefore Swirtzer decided to do clocks and their clocks became a famous trademark in the world. It was the trademark ofSwitzerlandand Switzer. Switzer’s clocks proved their diligence and hard working. Therefore,  from few hundred years before to now, Vatican bodyguard were Switzer only. It seemed like a trademark of spirit. Then from every corners of the world, the rich people sent money to banks in Switzerland. Realty price increased very high by these banks. The houses located on roadside with simple style but they made dizzy feeling to us because their prices were many millions Euros. They were private weekend houses of millionaires and billionaires of banks and the financial field.

Happy N.

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