Life & English: Alaska Native Heritage

For someone want to understand about history of America, it can be a omission if do not study heritage of Alaska native people.

History of America recognized that the first inhabitants of Americans came from North Asia from 12-14 thousand years ago. They used boats to cross the Bering, the Strait was located between Asia and America, then stepped on the land of Alaska today. From there they continued to move south to lands of Canada and the United States now. Fishing was one of their main traditional livelihoods. The boats were their main means of transportation and earning living. For that reason, handmade simple boats are displayed in many important places in the indoor space and outdoor in Alaska Native Heritage Center today.

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Alaska Native Heritage Center is located in a dense forest. The entry way is a zigzag road between very many old high trees. While running, the taxi suddenly stopped. I looked through the taxi window, so taxi driver stopped to give way to a little bear. It seemed that the little bear was waiting for the sound of a car then rushed to the road. He (or she maybe) was sitting in the middle of the road and staring at the people in our car. It was very funny scene. Maybe the bear wanted to affirm that this was his/her homeland and to invite people visiting! While stopping and waiting for the bear to leave, the taxi driver told me that he had met bigger bears on this road. He added that he was married to an indigenous woman and his children were very good at hunting. “They can hunt everything” – as he told about children. It must be their mother’s genes. After the little bear left, our taxi continued running to the main building of Alaska Native Heritage Center.

A boat in Alaska Native Heritage Center

“Never Forget Who You Are” was the slogan written and mentioned in this center. In the main building of the center, Alaska native artists often performed traditional games and local music on a stage. They performed regularly throughout the day, even if there were only couple viewers. Performers continued performers. The bustling sounds of games and songs created lively warmth, attracted visitors to see more. Many heritage of ancient Alaska native people were displaying in the main building. I saw many models of ancient boats. These boats were made from wood. Some of small boat models were placed in glass cabinets. Many large boats were hung on the ceiling or placed on the floor. Behind the buiding was a lake. Around the lake were houses, they were built in the style of old houses of native people. That was the easiest way to imagine the old life of Alaska native people. The middle of the floor of the houses were places of fire and kitchen. They made me immediately thought about the houses of ethnic people in north and central highlands of Vietnam. Large houses were decorated by colorful pillars with carved human faces and statues. Drawings and carvings were very similar to the statue of old tombs in the central highlands of Vietnam.

It could be possible that from 12-14 thousand years ago, our ancient ancestors had found many ways to discover and explore nature to live and to develop. Some tribes of our ancient ancestor crossed Bering to Alaska and America. Several tribes of our ancient ancestor crossed the mountains of North Asia then went to the south, they found the warm Southeast Asia region, including Vietnam. Probably, it could be true. Why not?

Quy Minh

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