Electronic Australian Visa

“The world is a big village” was an idiom. In this big village “the world”, countries seems to be as houses. Every house has doors. Travellers want to visit every house need to pass one of these doors to come inside the house. Apply for visa, this feeling seems to be similar feeling for knock at a door. For travellers, every time to apply for visa is every experience and very different to others. If travellers want to visit Australia then they can apply Electronic Travel Authority.

An Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) is an electronic travel visa linked to the applicant's passport permitting travel to Australia for tourism and business purposes. As an ETA is an electronic travel visa, there is no stamp or label in the passport and passport holders from ETA-eligible countries can obtain an ETA online. An ETA is a travel visa that is valid for one year and successful applicants are permitted to travel to Australia and stay for up to three months per visit.

The notarized copy of the birth certificate is required when traveler apply for entry Australian visa. It seems to be simple. But it is not simple for people who was born and grew in war, bomb, fire… and many years old. Many other papers can prove job, position, property, incomes… of a person. The birth certificate do not prove these information. But it is a requirement for entry Australian visa. It meant if a person has not her/his birth certificate then she/he can not travel Australia. Let try, travellers! Australia will welcome and attract travellers by landscape and legends of “three systers” mountains, twelve apostles, Loch Ard Gorge with lovers…

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