Think of the oldest library and ebooks.

Some years before, we travelled Egypt and visited Alexandria library. It was the first and oldest library. The library kept more 700.000 books of famous authors, scholars of the world, included books from ancient Greece, Rome. In some books, they wrote the birth of Alexandria city. The city was a cultural center in period Egypt under rule of Greece. Next period, Alexandria became a important business center on the trading road from East to West when Egypt was a province of Roman Empire from 30 year BC, after the fall of Queen Cleopad and General Marcus Antonious by Octavian. It was a special memory for books and history.

Picture of the old library

Now, with its compact size but contains a large amount of knowledge, e-books are convenient for storage needs, search and read books anytime, anywhere on the device personal information, such as smartphones, tablet... More and more people were interesting the explosion of the Internet makes electronic books. How will be traditional paper books? All make sense of belonging to the reader as if they are holding a traditional paper book. Many people are thinking that the printed book will become "antiques" in the near future. As people make predictions about the future of the printed book, Bill Gates was also buyers ancient book "Codex Leicester" in an auction in 1994 at the cost of 30.8 million dollars, making it the most expensive book planet. "Codex Leicester" is a collection of scientific literature by Leonardo da Vinci. The book "Codex Leicester" mere includes 72 pages of documents, presented on 36 pages of paper, each sheet includes two pages of content, and the entire book only includes 18 sheets of paper. With 30.8 million price that Bill Gates bought at auctions, every page of this paper are worth more than $ 1.7 million!


In fact, most famous paper book has been turned into electronic books to share information on global networks. Many websites have been set up to sell or share e-books. Today, many publishers alongside the release of the additional issue of the paper also forms of electronic books with lower prices. The cost of issuing and printing e-books should be brought low economic benefits for both publishers and readers. The electronic reading devices are becoming smaller and more friendly, even able to bend like paper books, writing is represented by technology E-Ink exactly like the paper books ... It seems that ebooks is the obvious developing trend.

Quy Minh

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