Life & English: “Travel in Siem Riep - part 2”

The next visit was Angkor Thom. Its center was Bayon temple. Angkor Thom meant “Great city”. It was built after Angkor Vat about hundred years and was the last capital ofAngkorempire. Stone large walls and water channels surrounded Angkor Thom. The entrance was a special bridge. Two lines of statues stood along both sides of the bridge. Every statue had every particular appearance, different to others.

Bayon had many towers with stony statues. Many stony statues were very special, every stony statue had four faces. These were 256 faces on 54 towers in Bayon. Got a glimpse of  these stony faces, they seemed similar. However looked again and again, every stony face was different to others. View from elephant’s back, stony faces had mysterious smiles, magic eyes with sly glances.

Anna Nguyen

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