Life & English: “The legend of blue roses”

Hello every one! My name is Huyen. Now, I would like to tell you about the legend of blue roses.

Once upon a time, there was an indiot, his job was caring for roses. The king had a very beautiful princess. She really loved roses, so every morning the idiot was required to bring her the most beautiful roses of the garden.

The princess fell in love with a prince whom she met at a festival. The princess was heard about a strange land on which he came from. She was really disappointed to know that the Prince would go far away in the next morning. But the princess didn’t worry at all because she believed that one day he would come back. Then she waited for him in hope.

One day, one week, one month and one year passed by… but there was no news of the prince. The princess was very sad, so the idiot told the princess about the legend of blue roses. And she always believed that she could grow a blue rose.

But the fool knew that the legend of blue roses was not real, he lied to her because he didn’t want to see the princess sad. However, he was also afraid that someday her roses would bloom but not blue roses.

Then one night, a God appeared and told him that the legend was true. He begged the God to create blue roses.

Early the next morning, the princess had a blue rose and her dream finally had come true. The war ended and the prince returned to her.

The princess came back to the rose garden to find the fool but he never appeared again. She only found a plant watering under the tree with her only blue rose. And the winds were swaying on the roses singing a song that:

“True love comes from the heart, and only blood from the heart of a true love can create a endless blue rose. It will make a miracle...”

What do you think the legend of the blue roses? I think that the legend of blue roses is very interesting and the blue rose is one of the most beautiful flowers. What about you? Please write to me.


Author: Pham Minh Huyen

Editor: Igor Mandic

Address: Wider World Language Center,

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