Life & English: “The Nikkei Asia Prizes 2015 in Japan”

The Nikkei Asia Prizes, which are awarded each year since 1996, are designed to recognize outstanding achievements that contribute to the region’s sustainable development and to the creation of a better future for Asia.

The Nikkei Asia Prizes are awarded annually in three areas of achievements. The titles of the three categories have been changed from this year to:

- Economic and Business Innovation

- Science, Technology and Environment

- Culture and Community

Winners (recipients) may be an individual, group or organization in any Asian nations exceptJapan. Winners of the Nikkei Asia Prizes will each be awarded three million yen (appx. 28,000 USD) as well as an award certificate. Winners are invited and obliged to attend the award ceremony which will be held inTokyoin May.

Nominations are welcome from specialists in the award categories who know of worthy candidates. Self-nominations are not accepted. Names of nominators will be kept confidential.

 Deadline: 31 Oct 2014

(Source: HanoiGrapevine)

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