Life & English: “Sydney Opera House”

Sydney Opera House located on the harbour. View from every side, Opera House was always magnificent. It was completed in 1973, after more ten years of build.

Opera House had 1.8 hectares square with 183m long and 120m wide. It was built from 580 columns, 1056 milionsSwedentiles. These tiles could self-cleaned. Sea wind was blowing inside to regulate temperature.

Sydney Opera House was a special architecture. It was designed by Jorn Utzon – Danish architect. The first idea was boat figure with sail of full wind was rising to ocean. That was strong and smart icon of modern world. When the opera was completed, some people called it “Shells Opera House” because its figure made people to image about shells. It was proper pride ofSydneypeople and Australian.  Sydney Opera House was a complex. It included 5 operas, 5 studios, 4 restaurants, 6 bars and many souvenir shops. This was place of opera activities and wedding, parties, conferences…Sydney Opera House was a heritage of the world from 2007.

It was the youngest of heritages of the world. It was one of two heritages that its architect till live when architecture was admitted heritage of the world. Two heritages were Brasilia of Brazil and Sydney Opera House. UNESCO evaluated that these architectures were the trials with large vision. They deeply affected to architectures in late 20 Century.

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