Life & English: “My city”

“No regret for the past, no project on future, there is only today” is the photo exhibition of the project “My city” by the artist Bang Duong. The exhibition is organized from 22 June to 12 July 2014 in HoChiMinh city.

“My city” project is a rove in searching for the multi view on the urban architecture. In the time of the fast urbanization, by capturing the transition between the old local architecture and the updated one, the artist puts the questions about the conflicts of the time values and the globalization.

The photographs of Bang Duong can be considered as the collections of the values of life, of HCMC culture, where he was born and are now living in. Probably because of his nostalgia and his Chinese origin, his everyday life photographs usually follow the traditional values also the active movement of the city.


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