Life & English: “Means of transport of us”

We are facing a severe environmental pollution, which resulted in ozone depletion. This puts our earth on a great danger. Imagine what will happen if we don’t do anything about this.

I believe we can do something for a better future.  Instead of going by car motor vehicles, using public transport such as bus or subway will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But you can also see the negative effects of  buses inHanoiand many other cities around the world. It does not reduce emissions but produces a lot more gas. So I believe that a better choice to protect the environment is biking. It is environmentally friendly because it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cost-effective.. By doing so, we save both money and  natural resources.While many people are concerned that they night be late for their appointlment because riding a bike would take more time to travel, we can use power cycling.

Think carefully and it's your choice to save the earth, our common home.

Author: Hoang Quoc Minh

Editor: Dao Thuy

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