Life & English: “Life in the future”

Hello! My name’s Hang. I’m a student at Vietnam– Angeri school! Here are my predictions for the year 2099.

Transportation: In the future, I think transportation is very different from today. Many bridges and highways will be grown up. The cars will be smaller, longer and look like fishes!!! Why? Because everyone will want to have a car, so if vehicle still looks like today, we cause lots of traffic jams. We won’t see a lot of motorbikes and won’t see the bicycles, because bicycles are very slow. Planes in the future will still looks like now, but it will fly ten times faster and it is safer. Buses will be still popular. Many people like and usually use it. They contribute to reduce environmental pollution. I like bus, too!

Everything will be smart. The computers in the future are very smart. They will teach us all of subjects and can talk like the real people. So, we won’t go to school everyday, about 1 or 2 days a week. That’s great! We can learn at home from the computers. Computers will be our good friends. Television, electric fan, lamp, radio, camera and everything will be as smart as a computer. I think we can control them with voice and gesture. Oh! Beautiful life!

Would animal feed be rare? Yes! Animal feed would be very rare, because we can’t catch or domesticate them. They are very quickly evolved to become more intelligent in how to protect themselves. So, what will we eat? Only vegetables! Oh my god.

Aliens? Oh! I think aliens will contact us. They are friendly and interesting!!! But… they are very big. They have 3 eyes, 4 ears, 1 nose, 4 arms and 6 legs.

Oh! My future world is very interesting! Is it right? Everything will be smarter and we won’t go to school everyday. But we won’t eat many animals and will contact aliens. Would you like to live in my future world?

Author: Uong Thu Hang

Editor: Maria Aili

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