Life & English: “ICTPress English Writing Contest”

(ICTPress) - 1st announcement of the ICTPress English Writing Contest 

Dear Readers.

IT and telecoms are rapidly combining to transform all areas of life, affecting people, business and society. It is bringing us a Networked Society. In the Networked Society, connectivity will be the starting point for new ways of innovating, collaborating and socializing.

On occasion of New Year 2014, in co-operation with Ericsson Vietnam, ICTPress launchs an English writing contest with the subject: “How does internet, computer, laptop, tablet, mobilephone, smartphone…make your life better?”

Contest highlights:

1/ Article submission period: Jan 15th 2014 to May 15th 2014. Email to:

2/ Articles are requested to write in English with less than 1000 words

3/ Gifts and awards: 10 gifts are given to 10 authors who submit most articles at the earliest; 3 awards for 3 articles have most readers. The gifts and awards will be presented on May 19 2014, on occasion of  “Life & English” one year old.

We look forward to receiving your stories telling your personal experience in a Networked Society.

An example of a Networked Society is here:

Best Regards.


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