Life & English: “Future Living Studio”

Today, 12th of June, Goethe Institute is exhibiting a collection of new products & furniture for future offices; end results of the 3rd edition of Future Living Studio.

Future Living Studio (FLS) is a temporary design studio, it establishes a team of 3 local designers and 3 international designers from France, Australia and Germany who collaborate closely with some Vietnamese bamboo and rattan companies during 3 months in order to develop a series of new products. FLS is a sub-project of SPIN (Sustainable Product Innovation project), funded by EU SWITCH-Asia. The 1st and 2nd editions of FLS were organised in Ho-Chi-Minh City. The 3rd edition of FLS is now running for the first time in Hanoi.

FLS also aspires to transfer design capacity to the companies by involving them in every step of the design process, from extensive user research to co-design with factory workers. Doing so will help Vietnamese products to compete for their design value and not just on cost price or on volume.

Considering their capacity for innovation, the designers have been developing new products and furniture for green offices that induce different levels of innovation: from redesign to product system. They have defined a vision for the future of offices inVietnam and decided to explore adaptability, playfulness, flexibility and cultural heritage in the usage of products such as a multi-position chair, a moving desk, an expandable partition.

(Source: Goethe Institute,

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