Life & English: “Ex-Book-Change Day”

The Ex-Book-Change Day will be held on July 28th, 2013 at Ha Noi Youth Culture and Sports Palace, No 1 Tang Bat Ho Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

Ex-Book-Change has officially become an important event of Book Festival Day project since 2012, which is carried out by Circle of Friends (CoF) with the annual supports of Thang Long March Fund,  which aims at raising inspiration to widen knowledge and nourish the soul of over 8,000 children at the 08 poorest communes, Ba Vi District, Ha Noi.

To continue the success of Ex-Book-Change Day 2012 and Book Festival Day 2012 atTienPhongPrimarySchool, Ex-Book-Change Day 2013 (EBC 2013) will be extended. Besides creating the good place for those who love reading in Ha Noi, EBC 2013 is the precondition to raise fund for Book Festival Day in August, 2013. All the money will be donated to buy books and build class bookshelves in Book Festival Day.

EBC 2013 is going to be from 9am to 4pm in Sunday morning. Besides books exchanging activities during the day, the key point in the morning is Talk show “Reading with children”. The participants of experienced speakers with games between parents & children in the Talk show will interest the participants, share raising-children experiences to parents and encourage children to read books actively. In the afternoon, Music show for raising fund “Each book, one love” will be taken place with sections of student music bands, dancing bands in Ha Noi.

Furthermore, fund raising and exhibition area in Ex-Book-Change 2013 are the following events in the afternoon. While the fund raising area brings so many activities such as “Books to build libraries for children” and writing calligraphy, fast drawing, telling from Tarot card, etc, the exhibition area will make people impressive and moved on Photovoice corner - where shows photos of children in Ba Vi with deep feelings of volunteers through some times doing surveys.

For book changing activity, books are going to be collected starting from July 10th to July 24th, 2013. Information about collecting books as well as about EBC 2013 is updated in

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