Life & English: “A twenty year journey to revisit”

“The American War in Viet Nam: then and now” is the subject of a seminar about peaceful Vietnam. The seminar will be organized in History Colorado Center, Denver, 23 Mar 2015.

Denver photographer Ted Engelmann describes his 1968 military experience in Vietnam through his photographs. Two decades after he left Vietnam, he returned and began a twenty year journey to revisit many of the same places he’d photographed in the war. In 2006, Ted Engelmann found resolution to his emotional war when he released his photographs from that time and replaced them with images made in peace.

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In 2012, photographer Ted Engelmann and ICT photographers had a seminar and training at Hanoi with nice experiences. In this year, before the Denver seminar and after Vietnamese Lunar New Year (Tet), he will revisit Vietnam again and have a seminar with ICT photographers in early Mar 2015.


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