Abraham Lincoln and a colourful blanket

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Quy Minh, from Iliinois, Oct 2016.

We visited the Waukegan History Museum in a weekend. This Museum is located in the Haines Farmhouse in historic Bowen Park.

The house was first built in 1843 by James Montgomery. In 1857, John C. Haines of Chicago, purchased the house and grounds. Haines, mayor of Chicago in 1858 and 1859, added on to the house in the 1870s, giving it a distinctive Victorian look. The house includes beautiful parlors, a stunning dinning room and bedrooms.

The picture of Abraham Lincoln and the colourful blanket

In a bedroom in the second floor of the house, we saw a large picture of former president Abraham Lincoln and a bed with a colorful handmade blanket. Madam Nancy Inskeep, a very nice woman, she is a volunteer of the Museum and was a teacher, said that Abraham Lincoln slept on this bad with its blanket. The blanket was made from many small cloth pieces, they have many colours: red, green, pink, blue, black, white… It was a budget handmade blanket. When I was a little child, in the war time at Hanoi, all people were poor with life of privation and misery. My mother made the same blanket from remainders of our old clothes. It was very special feeling when I saw the picture of Abraham Lincoln and his colourful handmade blanket - a budget blanket of war time.

A corner in the Museum

Let visit this Museum to step back in time to life in 1870s. The rich history of the city is found throughout the museum./.

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