Should children help their parents with the housework?

What is your answer for this question? In my opinion, children should do the housework to help parents for three reasons

First of all, they can make their parents feel more relaxed after a busy day working at the office. Don’t need to do all the chores; they just have to do things that they can help. For instance, children can clean the floor, wash clothes, and hang out the washing…

Moreover, doing housework makes children being more independent. In Europe, every child at the age of 18 starts to become an adult, they have to live apart from their parents and do everything by themselves. So doing chores is the first step of preparation for their lives in the future.

Lastly, chores make children to be tidy. If they are lazy and messy, they will have a lot of chores to do. The only way to do not much is the neat habit.

I believe that there are more benefits in doing housework.

Author: Duong Minh Khanh 

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