Museum of traditional medicine opens to tourists

About 3,000 valuable objects of Vietnamese traditional medicine are on display at a unique museum at 41, Hoang Du Khuong Street, District 10 in HCM City.

The museum, called the Viet Nam Museum of Traditional Medicine or FITO Museum, is run by the Fito Pharma Medicine Ltd Company. The exhibition area covers 600sqm in 24 rooms on five storeys. The upper storey has a room for the worship of two forefathers of Vietnamese medicine, Tue Tinh (1330-?) and Le Huu Trac (1720 - 1791). A model of an ancient medicine house has been displayed at the museum, along with recipes, tools for making herbal medicines, herbal containers and some 2,500-year-old objects.

Foreign tourists act as herbalists and patients at the museum.

The museum also has a collection of wood carvings of 100 physicians who lived between the 12th and the 20th centuries. There is a collection of old books on traditional medicine in Han and nom (Vietnamese ideographic characters transcribed from Chinese characters), written by various noted physicians.

Besides being able to see how traditional medicine is made by curators, tourists can act as herbalists to feel the pulse of ‘patients', who are also visitors.

The museum receives more than 100 visitors daily.. - Photos

According to the company, the museum receives more than 100 tourists every day, many of whom are foreigners.

Source: VNS

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