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(ICTPress) - I think the best thing about Hanoi is the culture. Local people are friendly.

(ICTPress) - Would you like to wake up in my future world?

(ICTPress) - The artist through her use of Do Paper, offers a new perspective on a traditional Vietnamese material.

(ICTPress) - Mid-Autumn Festival is a tradition very meaningful.

(ICTPress) - I spent my vacation at Cua Lo beach. It’s a beautiful beach that I haven’t seen before.

(ICTPress) - The Ex-Book-Change Day will be held on July 28th, 2013 at Ha Noi Youth Culture and Sports Palace, No 1 Tang Bat Ho Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

(ICTPress) - I have some methods of the study. It helps me smarter and more creative.

“True love comes from the heart, and only blood from the heart of a true love can create a endless blue rose. It will make a miracle...”

(ICTPress)-Ted Engelmann is the author of several articles and photographs about the American War in Viet Nam. He is developing a photographic book “One Soldier’s Heart: the Emotional Impact of War.”

(ICTPress) - I want to be a lawyer because ...

For the third time, Goethe-Institut in Southeast Asia invites young composers of the region to present their compositions.

(ICTPress) - Life Without Limits...