Life & English: “Power of music”

I love music very much,  do you like it?

It is wonderful thing. It has a super power.

Do you know the plants love the music too. This is a real story I will tell you.

Some of professors have experiments, they had some trees and they planted them in three rooms. Room 1 they planted as usual. Room 2 they planted and they put a box of music, the music they listened is classical music. Room 3 they planted and they put a box of music too, but it is rock music. The results are very impressive: room 1 was normal, room 2 was very strong, and room 3 is weak. Not only plants love music but also the animals love it too, in Holand they let their cows listen to music and the cow will have much more milk. Do you know violin, if you play it by right way it will be very great. But the wolfs are very scared of it. And you know Beethoven is mute and he was autism but by tunes he wrote a destiny symphony.

Let’s try to play something maybe you will love it !


Author: Hoang Quoc Minh

Editor: Maria Aili

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