Life & English: “Travel in Siem Riep - part 1”

Siem Riep located in the north Cambodia. It was a pretty and hospitable city. It seemed that all taxi drivers could speak English enough to welcome travellers and talked few stories about the city. Rented a taxi, early moring, I and my father departed from the city center of Siem Riep to visit Angkor. After some miles on a large road, the taxi left out the road, turned to a small way between forest, ran few miles, then the ancient towers appeared in front of our eyes.

Angkor Vat had large perimeter. It was around 6 kilometers with 200 hectares. Its architecture of wind and water was beautiful by the surrounding water channel. The area of temples  had four platforms. The main temple had 398 compartments. Their ceilings, corridors, banisters were wonderful sculptures. We passed doors, veranda floors and large courties then came into the center of the holy palace. It was a tower high 61 meters. Other lower towers surrounded. In there, statues and sculptures were very special. They presented scenes of Cambodian historical poems and legends. Special charm was statues of dancing-girls with mysterious smiles.

Anna Nguyen

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