IPU delegates share their views on Viet Nam

As part of the ongoing Inter-Parliamentary Union's 132nd General Assembly, a city tour around Ha Noi and a visit to the Viet Nam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Dong Mo were organised for participants and their relatives.

The participants also enjoyed a stage performance named "Colours of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups" introducing a number of traditional arts. Viet Nam News took the opportunity to ask some of the international guests about their impressions of Viet Nam.

Place of learning: Participants of the Inter-Parliamentary Union's 132nd General Assembly visit the Temple of Literature in Ha Noi.

Juan Pablo, Chile

"I have great impressions of Viet Nam. The country combines the old and the new. It has thousands of years of history but it is also a new nation of independence. Recent development has brought tremendous changes. I think this country has a lot of history, but is still a young nation.

Refreshing break: Viet Nam's National Assembly Vice Chairwoman Tong Thi Phong (centre) tries a cup of tea at the Viet Nam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Dong Mo. — VNS Photos Truong Vi

"I've had a great time and feel a sense of expectation.

"This is my second visit to Viet Nam. Compared to my last time four years ago, I can see more buildings now. It's a growing Viet Nam. Vietnamese are very proud of their culture, and they say it with pride."

Stella Chungong, Switzerland

"When I first landed in HCM City, my first impression was that the people here are very nice. Everybody is very helpful, very polite and very positive.

"Then I came to Ha Noi and learnt about the different seasons here and how it moves from spring to summer.

"Before my trip, I knew that the food here is great because near my house in Geneva, there is a Vietnamese restaurant and I used to go to sometimes. The food there is very nice, but the food here is even better than Geneva.

Ethnic twist: Iman Altarawneh from Jordan enjoys her time in Dong Mo.

"Today we went to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and learnt about the history of his life. I was so touched because it's very rare to find a great man like that. And he gave so much for the people.

"When I return to Geneva, I will tell my friends that they should visit Viet Nam where the people are warm and the food is good. There are also a lot of things to learn and to see from the history and culture."

Mwaula Solopi, Zambia

"Before coming here, I knew a very little thing about this country. I want to learn more about the culture. There is a lot of development that I want to know about.

"I can feel the warm atmosphere from how people treat me here. You can't get this from a book. You have to really come and experience it yourself.

"When I get back to my country, I will tell people that Viet Nam is a place you much visit. It is a long journey from my country, but it's worth it."

Connecting cultures: Visitors from Belgium talk to Vietnamese quan ho (love duet) singers.

Batzandan Jalbasuren, Mongolia

"Viet Nam has become a destination for many official events such as this Inter-Parliamentary Union General Assembly and I think the country has a great future.

"The food here is delicious. In Mongolia, people really like pho, which is quite similar to Mongolian traditional soup. I see that Vietnamese people are like Mongolians. There are many similarities between us.

Iman Altarawneh, Jordan

"I like the culture here. Vietnamese people are helpful and friendly. Viet Nam also has a very nice nature. I like the food here.

Two step: A participant takes part in a bamboo dance in Dong Mo.

"If I want something special in my country, I will try Vietnamese food. There are some Vietnamese restaurants in the Middle East, especially in Dubai."

Petra Osarsson, Sweden

"This is the first time I have been to Viet Nam. We are staying in a hotel in central Ha Noi. I have had a chance to see the daily life of people around my hotel. I feel Vietnamese people are very hospitable. It is interesting to find that Vietnamese people often live in big families." 

Source: VNS

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