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September 2nd, 1945 is an important landmark marking a major turning point of Vietnam.

Australian Parliament House was a modern famous architecture of the world. It was build on a large hill with fresh green grass in Canberra.

My little august bloom
I will always love you

What is your answer if any one ask you this question?

August, with its clouds of scented blooms,
August, with its great stacks of giant clouds

The next visit was Angkor Thom. Its center was Bayon temple. Angkor Thom meant “Great city”. It was built after Angkor Vat about hundred years and was the last capital of Angkor empire

Siem Riep located in the north Cambodia. It was a pretty and hospitable city. It seemed that all taxi drivers could speak English enough to welcome travellers and talked few stories about the city.

Lord of the winds! ...
For the coming of the hurricane!

Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!

July is my favorite month...

July is a special month because July has a special day for American - Fourth of July. It is Independence Day.

One evening as I left a McDonald’s fast food restaurant, I saw a young girl, 19 or 20 years old, she was kneeling and weeping between two roving fruit shops on sidewalk.