Trams and telephone in Melbourne and Sydney

Tram is a special transport of Melbourne. The old trams still run. Elapsed time, trams looked as an obsolete transport. But now, they are valued like as the pioneer to protect environment of the green city. Who can predict future and time? Also, “City Circle”, the name of number 35 red trams, is the free tram for all people. Tourists could travel around the city by these red trams, free of charge. It is a presentation of Melbourne citizen’s hospitality.

Sydney was being a city of high buildings. That was my feeling when car just came the suburb of Sydney. Car ran to the center, more and more crowded. We came Sydney center when night was starting. Bright lights. That was sunday night of month end. Shops were very brilliant. People came in and went out, sold and bought, busy hurry. It seemed that Sydney trams were many more than Melbourne trams. Trams ran on land and trams ran on high spaces between buidings. It looked “tottery”. I saw the same trams for visitors in amusement parks in other countries. I got a little surprise when knew that tram was a public transport and used by many people in Sydney.

A telephone box

I got other surprise when I found some old telephone boxs of Telstra on Sydey downtown. They were working in this modern city. I saw an old telephone box in Melbourne suburb too, I checked and its signal was good to phone. In Sydney, old telephone boxs were standing on streets of the center. In Hanoi now, the same telephone boxes did not work.

Quy Minh

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