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(ICTPress) - What about your hobbies? Please tell me later.

(ICTPress) - I read a book “Nicholas”. This book talked about Nicholas’s life. I felt this so special. I love my last Saturday!

The exhibition “Born in 1983/Kham Thien” is organized from 05 to 28 Sept 2013 by L’Espace and British Council.

(ICTPress) - “I agree that books are better than television".

(ICTPress) - I like to draw very much. I want to be architecture when I grow up.

(ICTPress) - The very young authors have shown their interesting ideas and point of view about life through their writings that make us paying much attention.

From 29 Aug to 14 Sep 2013, the Goethe- Institut and the Fine Arts Museum Hanoi present photo reportages of 22 cities around the world.

(ICTPress) - My future world is very interesting! Is it right? Everything will be smarter and we won’t go to school everyday.

(ICTPress) - I think the best thing about Hanoi is the culture. Local people are friendly.

(ICTPress) - Would you like to wake up in my future world?

(ICTPress) - The artist through her use of Do Paper, offers a new perspective on a traditional Vietnamese material.

(ICTPress) - Mid-Autumn Festival is a tradition very meaningful.