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The second German-Vietnamese Media Dialogue was organized at the Goethe-Institut in Hanoi on the topic "How is the internet changing the media landscape?”.

(ICTPress) - One thousand yeas were long time enough for travelers admiring visit to history. However Hanoi history had many more...

(ICTPress) - There are many kinds of food in Hanoi. You should try it and I think you will love it.

“Unlimited Letters” is name of Exhibition from 29 Sep to 06 Oct 2013 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city.

The art exhibition “Viet - Thai Art Exchange” is organized from 01 to 07 Oct 2013 at Vietnam Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi.

From 13 September to 24 October, ‘XEM’ marks its 3rd edition by turning their photographic ideas into objects.

(ICTPress) - The fairy tales bring dreams to us.

(ICTPress) - I still remember my first day of school . It is an interesting memory.

Make this year’s full-moon festival one to remember...

(ICTPress)- Cupid Festival 2013 is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience a lively and colorful mid-autumn festival.

(ICTPress) - Books are my clever and smart friends

(ICTPress) - Sunday, I write about my happy Saturday