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(ICTPress) – 1st announcement of the ICTPress English Writing Contest

Happy New Year. Happy New Year...

Here are suggestions to the best place to go for Christmas in the capital city.

(ICTPress)- Happy teacher’s day. This day is very special for all of us.

(ICTPress) - The first Start-up Fair in Vietnam is an effort to promote the start-up ecosystem in Vietnam.

(ICTPress) - Whenever I get a tooth out I put it under my pillow. When I am sleeping, tooth fairy comes and picks it up. She grants me a coin of two dollar for the tooth.

(ICTPress) - Hope next year, the day we begin a new school year, the weather will be fine.

(ICTPress) - When we did our wall-newspaper for Teacher’s Day, it was a great time.

Vietnamese cuisine encompasses the foods and beverages of Vietnam, and features a combination of five fundamental taste elements in the overall meal.

The exhibition is organized from 6 to 19 Dec 2013 at Vietnam University of Fine Arts.

(ICTPress) - The things I tell are parts of the differences between American English and British English. However, they are all speak a same language: English.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to support the construction of a new proof for the Phu Chau children’s home which is located in Phu Chau commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi.